About us

We're a seed-stage startup, founded in July 2021. We care deeply about building technology that can be applied to the real world and accelerate our progress to the future.

We're based at the Overtoom in the city center of Amsterdam. We have a beautiful office in an old-school building with a workshop where we're doing in-house prototyping and manufacturing. We're explicitly not planning to build a remote-first company: we enjoy spending time at the office and we need to physically work on the hardware.


  • Salar al Khafaji, Founder & CEO. Previously founded Silk, sold to Palantir in 2016, led commercial R&D projects at Palantir, mostly in the data science/ML space and with industrial clients. Dropped out of M.Sc. Theoretical Physics at the University of Amsterdam.
  • Sebastiaan Visser, Founder & CTO. Founding engineer at Silk, joined the Palantir exit in 2016, worked as a software/forward deployed engineer at Palantir with industrial clients. M.Sc. Computer Science at the University of Utrecht.